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Julie Desmeules


Dr Julie Desmeules, physician and clinical teacher for over twenty years, brings her experience and skills to professional coaching. She is also active in physicians' continuing professional development (CPD) and accreditation of programs at the provincial, national and university levels.

She holds an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) designation from the International Coaching Federation, and adheres to this organizations' norms and code of ethics.

With kindness and integrity, Julie works with you so that you may reach your potential and achieve your goals.


"Julie helped me improve my skills and encouraged me to go beyond my initial objectives.  She accompanies you without judgment and with an open mind. I highly recommend working with her"

- E.L. (translated)

"Julie creates the space for you to articulate and express your thoughts and feelings freely and without any concern of judgement. As she empowers you to process them and better understand the situation and yourself equally; her compassion and unique ability to listen makes her one of the best coaches I’ve worked with. I highly recommend working with her."


"Coaching brought out the best in me and led me to important reflections about what I really want for my professional future."

- N.D. (translated)

"Julie's personalized approach was what I needed to reach my professional objectives. My leadership, communication and management skills are greatly improved and I see the effects of this on a daily basis. Our meetings certainly accelerated my professional development in my early career."

         - A.B. (translated)

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